What's are We Becoming?

Are we raising kids to be too soft? 

Are we making their lives too easy that when they are bound to face any hardship, they won’t know what to do?

Last night, I was working at my high school basketball game.  During the very competitive and physical game the visiting fans started to make noise.  Pretty normal, except it was when one of our kids was shooting foul shots.  Now, they weren’t yelling.  There was no name calling or foul language being used.  They were simply banging their feet on the bleachers.

I thought nothing of this.  If anything, I think the noise would force someone to concentrate more on the task at hand.  Well, the principal thought different.  She went over and told the fans to knock it off.  She came back over to me and told me she doesn’t want that type of stuff going on.  In her words, she said “It was rude.”

Rude????  It’s a freakin’ basketball game!!!  How is that noise any worse than the other noise made during the game?  It’s not a tea party folks, it’s a sporting event.  Rude, when was the last time you used the word “rude” to describe anything going on at a basketball game.  What they were doing is what is done in high school gyms across the country.  Fans are there to cheer for their team and root against the opponent.  It wasn’t malicious, it was just stomping feet.  Distracting?  Yes.  Rude?  C’mon now.

It’s time to take the kid gloves off people.  Let’s start treating our teenage kids more like adults.  Life is full of distraction, start learning how to deal with it now. 

They’ll be better off, trust me.


5 Responses to “What's are We Becoming?”

  1. Pete Olsen Sr. Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Our student section isnt allowed to hold up posters or signs? They arent allowed to cheer in excess? Maybe the principle should take a road trip with the team and see how it works at every other school that we play.

  2. well next thing you know, they might try to cheer for their own team at an opponents venue and other fans who might be on a date could complain and try to have the visiting fans escorted out of the game or even arrested for cheering at an outdoor venue….

    has the principal been to soccer matches at her school against certain opponents? that is rude…

  3. Not to pick on any one person but this kinder-gentler-everybody wins approach has been sneaking up on American kids for a long time. Kids can’t even run at recess anymore. No wonder Bulling has become the #1 sport.

  4. There’s a big difference between cheering and personal taunts … if memory serves me correctly, isn’t stomping on the bleachers expected during foul shots?

  5. Put her in a seat at a UConn game near Jim Calhoun.

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