Don't Feel New Yeary

Happy 2010 everyone.  Just a quick reminder, it is not a new decade.  That starts next year.  Remember, there was no year zero. 

Hope everyone had a safe and sound holiday season.  Tell you what, I could get used to working short weeks.  These three and four day weekends are pretty sweet.

I had a relatively relaxed New Years.  Lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of relaxing.  The relaxing part was especially nice.  It helped that it involved our new living room furniture.  Finally, after 6 1/2 years of marriage and 10 years of living together, Nikki and I finally have matching “grown-up” living room furniture.  Matching leather sofa, loveseat and recliner.  Thank You Pilgrim Furniture for your 50% of sale.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

I won my final fantasy football league this past weekend.  Between the way UConn ended and my fantasy football ended, it helped save what was an otherwise dreadful pigskin season.  The G-Men gotta clean house and Michigan has to ditch the rebuilding mantra for 2010. 

This weather has sure reminded everyone that yes, we still do live in New England.  C’mon y’all it’s winter.  Come to expect this.  For those of you who need a little pick-me-up, just remember one thing:

Next month we can say Spring starts next month.


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