Just when……

I thought I’d have nothing to write about today, this little nugget popped up on this new fad called the internet.

“10 things husbands should never do.”

Well, I would say some of these things are a tad dated.  Are guys still like this?  Are these lists even relevant anymore?  If this was a list of “Ten things wives should never do,” would it be sexist? 

I think we have all come too far as a society to have these silly little lists.  Can’t we just agree that as couples and parents what we do to get the family by on a day-by-day basis is all important.  How can one make an argument that making all money is more important than  child-raising or vice versa?

I know in my house, both my Wife and I are on equal footing.  If it was any different, I don’t think we could survive.


4 Responses to “Just when……”

  1. well clearly these kinds of husbands do exist-which is no suprise that i get surprised and even jealous reactions when i say nice things about my husband. I guess that many are not as lucky as me…

  2. ain’t that the truth…

  3. http://www.snopes.com/language/document/goodwife.asp
    Here is an article from the 50’s talking about what a “good wife” is…. pretty funny…

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