The Weekend That Was

Hope you all had a great Xmas weekend and Santa brought you all that you wanted.  He did for me.  Not only did I get a nice four-day break, I also got a new phone.  The Droid.  Boy is it freaken cool.  My wife, who may be the coolest and greatest wife ever was the bearer of this great gift.  It is all it was hyped to be, I’ve spent the past few days figuring out just what it can and cannot do.  So far, internet access: yes.  Dishwashing: no.  Maybe there is an app for that.

I just wish the second half of the weekend was just as giving.  On Sunday I was lucky enough to have two of my teams in a fantasy football championship matchup(Yes I am one of those guys and yes, I am proud of that.)  Now, before you scoff, there was a lot of dough on the line. 

If I won, a nice $750 be comin my way, if I lost, a measly $200 or so.  Needless to say, I lost both of them.  No thanks to Brandon Jacobs and the Giants(stupid Giants) and the stupidity of the Colts head coach.  I think there needs to be a new rule that every coach needs to state his intentions before the game start.  This weekend was the biggest fantasy football weekend of the year, and how many people got hosed because Manning didn’t play the whole game.  Jesus, why don’t these guys ever think of us, the owners of make-believe teams compiled of real players playing in a computer-based stat league?  Selfish s.o.b.’s!!!

On the plus side though, I did beat my father-in-law in my final league semifinal.  In the same league the week before I beat my brother-in-law.  This will teach them that I am the king of fantasy sports in my family, now someone go get me my fake crown.


4 Responses to “The Weekend That Was”

  1. Pete Olsen Sr. Says:

    I would like to personally thank the Colts for my xmas gift of pulling Manning out for an easy gang green victory and keeping them alive for one more week! The playoffs start next Sunday for me.

  2. How bout dem Jets. WHo woulda thought that in week 6 the gmen would be out and the Jets would have their playoff life in their hands going into week 17. Who needs a QB huh??

  3. Pete Olsen Sr. Says:

    DE-FENSE, a decent running game, a mediocre rookie quarteback and a butt load of luck equals a potential playoff showing for the JETS!
    I dont know what happen to the G-Men, at one point early in the season they looked like the hands down best team in the NFL.

  4. aquanetta Says:

    i need this fomne i really do need this fone

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