Snow-Mageddon '09

Hope you all survived the snopocalypse this weekend.  In my hometown I got 22″.  The crazy thing is it didn’t start till after 8pm and stopped around 8:30.  Just crazy snow.  I’ll tell ya that the heaviest time of snow was around 2am.  How would I know you ask, well I’ll tell ya.

My cousin/babysitter called us at 12:30 because she was stuck just up the street from our house.  She had left town early in the evening and was shocked how quickly the snow piled up.  So she drove her car to our house, left it and I drove her home.  It was a mess but a ton of fun.  I love driving in the snow.  What made it even better was the lack of plows.  Not an inch was touched so I was plowing through 10″ of the white stuff.  Fun times.

Shoveling was a bear.  We have a large driveway and a normal storm is a pain in the arse.  A 22″ one was insane.  I started around 9:30 and finally had it cleared by 5pm.  Long, long day.  Luckily I was able to use my landlords electric snow thrower and the generosity of a dude and his front loader.  My wife was a huge help as well.  She made sure that the house stayed nice and warm so when I came in I was comfy.  She also provided some good support by looking out the window and saying “driveway looks great”  or “looks cold out there, make sure you stay warm.”  Always supportive.

Great storm though if you love snow.  Just wish my dog wasn’t so finicky.  I shoveled a path for her to do her business in the backyard and she still won’t go because it is not her normal spot.  Who knew that a creature that licks its’ own butt would care so much where it takes a crap.


One Response to “Snow-Mageddon '09”

  1. Hey, somebody has to watch your daughter … and don’t be so hard on my granddog.

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