Coming off of a nice four-day weekend and I feel great.  Probably helps that I only have nine days of work left this year.  That could make anyone happy.

Lets start off with a little promotion.  For those of you that are CT residents, you already know her work from NBC Connecticut HD.  Debra Alfarone has a new web-i-show called “Alt Side” and click here to watch it.  What a great concept for a show.  Hopefully she has more of these in the works.

Boy, Theo had a pretty good day yesterday huh?  John Lackey is a great signing.  Not only did you make a league rival weaker but you kept him off the Yanks as well.  Then he goes out and signs Mike Cameron for outfield depth.  I’m not quite sure how it all plays out, but I believe that this opens the door for an Adrian Gonzalez trade this winter.  Finally for the cherry on top, Roy Halliday goes to the Phils.  I’d say it’s a win win for the nation today.


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