5 months

Yesterday was the five month birthday for Avery.  What a whirlwind it has been.  Maybe a rollercoaster ride is a better description. 

What I have learned is that I have a lot to learn. 

#1 thing is patience.  I always knew that I had very little.  I work in a “do-it-now, results based business”  where sometimes patience is not necessarily a virtue.  I’ve been told I have patience as a coach but I look at it more like having other options if the first try doesn’t work.  I had no idea that a 13 pound child could drive me to un-seen levels of frustration.  It’s a great thing that my wife may be the MOST patient person I know.

#2 babies cry……A LOT!!!!  No one really tells you this.  All you hear are tales of giggles and coos.  Nothing about fits of screaming that sets neighborhood car alarms off.  I would love it if newborns came with a warning system that alerted parents to an ensuing Chernobyl-like melt down.  How can one thing go from being so happy to miserable in a blink of an eye?

#3 Spit-up.  I hadn’t seen this much puke since college.  At least then you knew when it was coming.  There were signs.  The swaying.  The sweats.  The green color.  Now, its laughing, smiling then BLEAHH, all over you.  It didn’t take long for Avery to be like her mom by throwing up on me.

#4 Neediness.  Good lord, are the needy.  I mean what about some me-time.  It’s always feed, burp, change, hold repeat.  Obviously I’m joking but I don’t know how single parents do it.  If Nikki and I did not have each other, we would lose our minds.  You really do need that other person to work off of.  These five months has given me an appreciation for all the single parents out there.  So Justine, Karen and Paulina; you girls are saints.

#4 Grandparents rock.  Simple as that.  Either coming up from PA to babysit, or taking Avery on days when our regular sitter can’t watch her to spoiling here to all extremes. 

Avery, her Nana and her Grammy(Nikki's mom and grandma)

 Every grandparent has just been awesome and this girl is lucky to have ten grand or great-ones.

#5 everyday is a new adventure.  Yes there are some days when I just can’t take it anymore but even during those hellish days there are always those moments.  Those moments when she just looks at me with those eyes and smiles a huge grin.  When she just reaches out to you just needing to be held.  When she falls asleep in our arms and knowing this is the most content she has ever been.  Moments like those and countless others make this ride worth every minute. 

I can’t wait for the next five months and every other one beyond that.


One Response to “5 months”

  1. Well said. It’s fun watching my first born begin to understand the parenthood life. And yes, you do have the most patient wife in the world. Let’s hope your daughter gets this trait from her mother.

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