After a few days off from writing, a fair amount of stuff has gone down, so let’s get to it.

First things first.  Am I the only one laughing at Tiger’s transgressions?  The more women that come out, the more I think of all the things he has thrown away for a Perkins waitress et al.  Really, Perkins???  What was the Waffle House hostess out of your league?  What the hell gets into these guys.  I always knew he was an ass on the course, but apparently he liked a lot of it off the course as well.  The only victims of this are his kids.  At least they’ll get his money and maybe a better father-figure.

While I’m on the subject of morons, how about the buffoons in Litchfield who want to take off the yellow ribbons off the trees.  For what, some made up excuse about a disease?  C’mon guys, get your noses out of the air and come to your senses.  You may be against the wars but lets continue to show support for the troops and their families.

I’m seeing a lot of commercials for American Idol.  That means one thing.  Normal thinking and reasoning Americans turn their eyes to a glorified karaoke show for months at a time then take just as long to discuss why one no-talent hack beat out another no -alent hack.  Every time I hear these I want to smash my head through my desk.  Of course, I wish that we had it on our air.  Nice call to turn that down NBC execs.

Only two months and ten days till pitchers and catchers.  All I will say about the MLB Winter Meetings is this:  bring Bay back to the Back Bay!!  Pay the man!  Pay the man!! PAY THE MAN!!!!  DON’T MESS AROUND JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!  Thanks.

Finally, big ups to the UConn football team.  What it took to overcome all those close losses as well as the loss of a teammate was just remarkable.  They did it with class and pride.  Coach Edsall should be commended for his ability to rally his players.  Connecticut has waited a long time for a major football program.  Well, here they are and they deserve our support.  I have season tickets and plan on keeping them for a while.  This program has the potential to be a major player in East Coast football and if you want in, do it know.  Don’t be left behind.


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