Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

Hope you all had a better weekend than Tiger Woods.  I’m sure by now you have heard about his accident.  What none of us have heard is the how and the why.

Now, I respect the fact he wants to keep the circumstances that led up to this private, that’s his right.  The thing that grinds my gears is how he is dodging the police.  Can you or I do that same thing???  It seems to me he is buying time to come up with the perfect alibi.

I don’t care where he was going.  I don’t care to know why his wife had a golf club in her hand at 2:30 am (night putting maybe???)  It will be interesting to find out how he caused so much damage to his car and himself w/o the airbags going off.  Was alcohol or drugs involved?  The initial police report said no, but everything else about this incident has been sketchy at best, why should we believe that little nugget?

I’m not interested in getting the dirt on his private life.  If he felt the need to cheat on his wife and two kids with a fancy barmaid from NYC, so be it.  That just adds to the fact that he is a major league a-hole.  I just want to know what will be made public knowledge anyway.

Regardless of what happens, the squeaky-clean Tiger Woods era is over.  Sooner or later the skeletons come crawling out. 

Maybe this will make the media think twice how they grovel at his feet.



One Response to “Tiger, Tiger, Tiger”

  1. I just don’t understand why this “event” or any like “event” needs to be front page news. Perhaps it’s notable for an entertainment page or pub, but there are much more pressing and important happenings that better warrant top news coverage. As long as he didn’t hurt anyone else, does it really matter that he smashed his car?

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