I applaud the couple in PA who refused to pay their 18% gratuity on their bill because the service was that bad. 

Waitstaff across the world have to remember that a tip is a priviledge, not a right.  If the service is bad enough, a tip is then not warranted.  I’ve walked out on a tip before  and I’ll do it agin if necessary.

Do I like doing it, no.  On the flip side though I will tip very well for normal to outstanding work.  I realise how crappy a job waiting on the public can be.  The thing is that this is the job you chose and you need to bring it everyday to get the most money out of it.  No one can afford to have an “off-day”  because that’s money out of your pocket.

I hope that these charges against these tow kid gets tossed out.  Good for them for standing up for what they believe.


2 Responses to “*CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*”

  1. I can’t imagine an arrest being made on this in CT or that any prosecutor in CT would ever bring this case forward. I’ve worked in restaurants and never expected a tip for spilling salad dressing down someone’s back or dropping a butter knife into a man’s coat pocket. (keep it- we have plenty of knives)

  2. I fully agree with these kids, waiting an hour for salad, and then having to fetch your own silverware .. isn’t that the job of the wait staff? If the staff isn’t performing, why should you pay for any more than your food?
    Now, in some cases I tip regardless, because a lot of places pool tips, [a practice i LOATHE – how in the WORLD is that fair? ..but that is an entirely separate issue..]
    That being said, I don’t tip on percentages. If a waitress is awesome, and all I order is a $5 salad, I am not leaving her change. Depending on how expedient and courteous she is, I could leave more than my bill. I don’t care for people who break out the calculator, and leave the 15% to the penny. I might check my tip calculator to make sure I know what ballpark to be in, but if the service is decent, I’ll leave minimum 20. When you go out to eat, you have to accept that you are Not just paying for the food. You’re paying for the person who prepares it, and the people who bring it to you in a timely fashion.
    I have worked in a restaurant [and fully hated every moment] but if you can’t hack it, LEAVE.
    If you don’t want to, or can’t deal with people; if you can’t be speedy, courteous, and polite – find another line of work. ..I hear Dunkin Donuts is looking for people……

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