This is a few days old, but with the Festival of Lights the day after Turkey in Hartford, I thought this should be brought up again.

For shame Hartford for having a fake tree.  Also, don’t hide behind the whole “environmental’ thing.  Christmas trees should be made of one thing and one thing only, wood.  Did you actually look at it, it’s like a green traffic cone.  Just flat-out ugly. 

There is no reason for the Christmas tree of the state capitol be anything less than a gorgeous REAL tree.  I don’t care what kind, a balsam, white pine, Douglas Fir, what ever just not a Walmart brand.

This is just a slap in the face to X-mas tradition.  There are two and only two reasons for a fake fir: allergies and lack of room.  I’m turned off by people who put up fake trees in their home and am pissed at a city for taking the lazy mans way out of holiday decorating.

Hartford, you are nothin’ but a sap.


2 Responses to “Fakeness”

  1. I’m with you. And don’t give me that environmental b.s. A real tree can be recycled into mulch.

    (By the way, if it comes up in the AM, it’s Festival of Light. Singular.)

  2. thanks, maybe a fake tree deserves a fake name

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