Office Pests

Business conflictA new survey is out on listing the six most annoying Co-workers.

The list is solid, but I think I can expound on it. 

They left off “The Smoker.”  You all have ’em, heck you may be that person.  Going outside to sneak a puff then coming back inside reeking of stale Marlboro’s.  These people should come with their own bottle of Febreeze.  Thank God the Peacock has banned smoking on the premises.

Along those lines, the B-O folks.  Hey, it’s not the 19th century, we can take showers every day now.  They also have this thing called “deodorant.”  Look into it.

Bad-Breath.  Whether it’s that stale coffee stench, morning breath or after-lunch fish breath.  Grab a piece of gum, a Certs, maybe a tic-tac.  Just don’t breath on me please.

The Close-Talker.  How is it that these folks are almost always the bad-breathers as well.  Now, they have rank breath and no sense of personal space.  Give me at least a two-foot perimeter please.

Finally, The Sidler.  You all have ’em.  You’re sitting having a nice conversation then out of nowhere…..BAM, there they are.  Never heard them, never saw them.  These are the folks that need a bell around their neck.  The worst thing is, they don’t even participate in the conversation.  They just nod and throw in a few “uh huh” every so often.  Ugh, get your own damn conversation going.

Enjoy your Monday and good luck staying away from those folks.  If you are one, for the love of god and your co-workers.  Please change.






3 Responses to “Office Pests”

  1. I guess you watch a lot of Seinfeld.

  2. I do. I realized it about halfway through writing it that myself and Larry Daviv may have the same thoughts on people. Still trying to figure out if that is a good thing or not.

  3. As long as you’re not as annoying as Larry David on Curb, then does it matter?

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