Tried out the new Verizon Droid verizon-droid-picturesthis morning.  Very very cool.  Makes the iPhone look like a Datsun.  Me want it!!!

Yesterday was “National Husbands Cook Dinner Day.”  When is “National Wives kill bugs Day,”  or “National Wives take out the garbage Day,” or “National Wives understand what the check engine light means Day.”

I want to know who picks up hitchhikers hitchhikeranymore?  Is that still a relevant way to travel?  Along those lines, does anyone ever stop to help out a stranded motorist.  I don’t.  I think anyone of them could be an ax murder.  Maybe I’ve seen one to many movies like that.

Heard this week someone describe “This Is It” as the michael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-postergreatest movie they’ve seen and perhaps the greatest movie ever.  Really?  Isn’t it just him rehearsing?  That’s like saying the lay-up line was the greatest NBA game ever seen.  I mean, we’re talkin’ bout practice.

Four-month-olds and large needles do not mix well.

Forgot how annoying Yankee fans are when they win.  Red Sox fans were neeeever like that ;).  At least the rivalry seems to be back.  Pitchers and Catchers on February 18th for those of you counting.

Sesame Street is still pretty kick a**.300px-Sesame40

If you don’t like cookies, just keep walkin’ on by me.chocolate-chip-cookies

Enjoy the gorgeous weekend!!!!



4 Responses to “Mish-mashing”

  1. Hitch hiking does still work. I friend of mine hitch hiked from manchester new hampshire across the state to Hampton Falls or somewhere right along the New Hampshire shore one day this summer. Maybe people in New Hampshire are just more trusting.

  2. Don’t generally go for these “National” days, and BTW I cooked dinner, and took out the garbage … and I take care of wayward bugs and my car. All these “National” days do is foster score-keeping and division. How about we declare every day “Take Care of Whatever Needs Doing” or “Quite Whining” Days.

    Pitchers and catchers is the only reason to look forward to February, except for the fact that February leads to March.

  3. i often kill bugs, i know what my check engine light means ( a lot of $$$ at the car dealer…),
    and i take the garbage out too…

  4. I once spotted a one armed guy hitchhiking at 4AM carrying at pick-ax.

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