Do Your Duty

voteI love Election Day.  This is the day where we all can voice our opinions and evoke our rights as American citizens.  This is my one civic duty and I take it very seriously.  I don’t serve in our military.  I don’t volunteer for the America Corps.  I’m not a volunteer firefighter or EMT.  Voting is my one call to action and should be yours as well.

Everyone gets all amped up for the big national and state elections.  We all think that our voices are truly heard in casting our vote for the next president, senator or governor.  Really though, these local muni elections is where your vote truly counts. 

Any one of these races could be decided by a handful of votes.  One or two could swing a race in a completely different direction.  One vote could change the direction of a town or city for the next two years or more. 

Many of these are volunteer positions. They are going out and sacrificing their personal time for the betterment of their hometown.  These folks are making a large sacrifice so the least we can do is show them the proper respect by going out to cast our votes.

These aren’t your races with the big names or sexy topics.  These are your friends, neighbors or relatives running for office. 

These elections affect us more than any other.  This is where local taxes or school decisions or town improvements are chosen.  The elected officials decisions have the greatest impact on our everyday lives.  This is some serious stuff.  Yeah, the presidential elections get all the glory and deservingly so, but these muni ones have the greatest impact on us.

Never take these “off-year” elections for granted.  Two years ago in my town, the Dems didn’t show up at the polls and a Republican was elected First Selectman for the first time in decades (not that the Dems had a great choice…).  The party took it all for granted. 

Anything can happen. 

One vote does matter.

So please, get out there and pull that lever.  Fill in that bubble.  Put a stone in a basket.  Do whatever you need to do to get to the polls.  I can’t wait.  I’m bringing Avery to the polls.  Will she remember this?  Doubt it, but it can’t hurt to get her started this young.

I love this day.images


4 Responses to “Do Your Duty”

  1. get her a little sticker!!


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