Happy Halloween

I’ve always enjoyed this day.  Not really sure why.  I don’t think it’s the dressing up.  Maybe it is the candy.  Could be the parties we’ve been too(some doozies 🙂 ).  I think though it’s the memories that I enjoy most.  My Mom always went above and beyond with costumes.  Not once did I wear a costume that was bought from a store.  Every one was homemade.  Was I spoiled, damn right.

My favorite:  an ewok costume.  All from scratch.  Boy was it warm which was good because that year was bone-chilling cold.  I actually think my Mom still has it.  Don’t think I fit into it anymore.  WIsh I had a picture, I was adorable.

Most memorable:  A cowboy costume form 1986.  We had a fire in our house that year in August.  Leading up to Halloween I said no dress up for me.  Well, nine-year-olds tend to change their mind(shocking I know) and I came home either right before or on that day and stated my new intentions.  Well in the matter of a few hours, I had a cowboy costume made from paper bags.  Utter genius from the Mom unit.

Favorite adult:  Last year, I was a beer pong table. n1368841460_30447212_798017 Nikki was a ping pong ball.  We’ve always worked well together. 

This year, no dress up.  Only real plans is a Pennsylvania themed tailgate at UConn, which all in all isn’t bad.

So what’s your favorite?  Movie, party, costume, blog(hello??) whatever.  Enjoy the night and don’t do anything overly stupid.  Enjoy a couple links.  First, the grand daddy of them all:

And one of my favorite songs:



3 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. You were also a pretty cute clown and, very appropriately, a devil. But my favorite was the cowboy … both hat and vest out of paper bags, and, yes, I still have the ewok costume.

  2. I am guessing that your experiment did not work well??

  3. nope, same amount of readers…oh well thats why I stopped doing experimnets back in the 50’s

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