An Experiment

When I write this blog, I put in post tags.  Words that I think will get my blog to pop up when doing an online search.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky by putting in something generic like football and get a ton of hits.  Yesterday, my entry was all about the Swine Flu and how someone gets infected.  Got nuthin’ from it.  Zilch.

So today, I’m trying something out.  I’m taking the top five Google searches and putting those as my search words.  I just wanna see what this gets me. 

Lets call it a human study on searching by a semi-educated person. Or as I am calling it the HuSSoBASEP.

SAT SCORES:  Kids, don’t fret over these.  I got into schools with a 990.  Don’t go crazy over them.  Get good grades, volunteer, be involved in school activities and write a kick-ass essay and you should be set.

COLLEGE BOARD: The only college board I knew about was the piece of plywood gabb600we used as a beer pong table.  Again, a vital part of the higher education process.  Don’t be fooled by any other board, that is the only one that matters.

CT BIG LIST:  Free MoneymoneyFree Money Free Money.  Too bad I’m not on that list.  Not me , not relatives, no body.  I could use some free money.  Who couldn’t right?  Check it to see if you’re a lucky one.  BTW, I do charge a finder’s fee.  Only 10%, thanks.

MICHEAL JACKSON AUTOPSY PICTURE:  It seems like it may be leaked to the public soon.  I thought it already was: michael-jackson-mugshot

 WORLD SERIES:  Boy, what a showing by Lee.  Nice catch on the pop-up too.  I’d be furious w/ one of my kids if they tried that.  Plus, it was nice to see a WS game start before 8pm.  Maybe, MLB can get an afternoon game sometime.  Crazy I know.

So thats that.  Lets see how this plays out.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.










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