A Tad One-Sided

There was an article in Sunday mornings Hartford Courant about my hometown.  Usually this would make a smile come across my face till I realized the article was about the Goodspeed Opera House.

Now I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Opera House.  I did work there as an usher for  one season and I hated every moment of it.  The pay was brutal, the hours were awful, the people were horrendous, the bosses were unbearable.

I do love the history of the theatre and I love the fact that they bring much-needed tourists into town which brings much-needed moolah.  I don’t like the fact that they own a large number of properties on high-valued land that is un-taxable.

The article on Sunday was about the new actors village that is being built.  Saying it was a tad one-sided may be an understatement

Building these houses is one thing, where they are being built is another.  You see, that part of town is very susceptible to flooding.  Every spring, the river backs up into the floodplain and the small stream always overflows its’ banks.  No one actually can predict how these new houses will affect these delicate plains.  I guess we’ll find out in March and April.  If you hear a gurgling sound, that is me swimming in from my house.

What happened to interviewing the residents of that tiny little area of town?  What happened to journalism?

This is just a continuation of a long history where East Haddam officials bend over backwards to accomodate Michael Price and his theatre. 

I’m still waiting for the return in kind.  Really seems like a one-sided relationship with the residents of this small town always dealing with the ugly side.


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