Keep it in Your Pants

What gets into ( and then out of) these dudes who think they can hide an extra-marital affair??  Don’t they know it will almost always turn bad.  So let me guess, you are man enough to sleep around but aren’t man enough to confront your wife about issues.

Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird

Steve Phillips, what the hell you thinking??  I can’t believe you are actually a worse husband and father then you are a broadcaster or GM.  When did you think this was a good idea??  Not only were you messing with a 22-yr-old, but messing with a 22-yr-old and your career.  How dumb you gotta be.  If you need a refresher, has the recap.

Here’s what I don’t get.  Why do it?  If you are that unhappy in a relationship, just end it, then go off and act like an 18-yr-old.  How can you have that little respect for your wife/husband.  If you cheat, than your whole marriage was just a sham.  Hey, I get it, some things don’t work out, but don’t end it like that.  Taking the coward out by hiding behind an affair.

  It’s despicable.


2 Responses to “Keep it in Your Pants”

  1. Well said Hendu…….it never ceases to amaze me. These celebrities/pro athletes that have it made and they find a way to destroy it. I am hoping ESPN does the right thing and sends him packing…

  2. dude, not just clebs,but any guy. Just don’t get it

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