A Change Needs to be Made

How will you remember these baseball playoffs?  The resurgence of the Yankees?  The Phillies going for a repeat(yuck, I think I just vomited a bit)?  The undressing of the Red Sox by the Angels?

For me, it will be the atrocious umpiring.  It has been down right brutal and something needs to be done.  From some of the questionable strike zones to the obvious blown calls, it has been the fall of their discontent.

I think I have a solution too.  Instant Replay. 

Wow, i think I just heard a collective gasp from the baseball “traditionalists.”

Now, you can’t go crazy with it.  You shouldn’t be able to challenge balls and strikes.  Everything else is up for review though.  I think that each manager should get two replays to use during a game. 

Those two challenges will be viewed by a fifth official up in the broadcast booth.  There, he/she would have access to all camera angles.  They too will have one official challenge per team per game.  That’s a total of three challenges a side.

These challenges should not take any longer than a minute.  Hell, a manager/umpire argument can take longer.  Watching at home, we all know instantly whether the player is safe, out or whatever the call should be. 

The system works in other sports.  Football is better for it.  Hockey and basketball implement it.  Baseball has to join the 21st century.  The players are bigger, stronger and faster while the umpires just get older and older. 

This really should be a quick and easy fix.  Now fixing the overall umpiring, that’s a whole other issue for another post.

BTW, 110 days till spring training.


One Response to “A Change Needs to be Made”

  1. I forgot certain teams are still playing … my baseball season ended when the Sox left the field. But I do agree there should be some sort of instant replay review, after all, other sports do it.

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