My New Dream

Gotta thank Grant Routhier for this.  He sent it to me yesterday.  Words don’t really do it justice, so here just watch:

You done??  Good.  How great was that.  Now you all know how much I love tailgating (and if you didn’t, consider yourselves informed).  It really enhances the football watching process.  In fact, my step-dad said he’d enjoy football a whole helluva lot more if he knew about tailgating earlier in life.

So, I’d figure it’ll cost about $60,000 or so to build my Port-a-Bar(still a working title, I am always up for suggestions).  Of course I would modify it to suit my needs.  Two TV’s (eliminates viewing conflicts), a tap system, lights, heat if needed maybe even make it solared power(going green🙂 ).

I would also need a new truck to tow it, maybe a nice new f-250.  Like this:

Of course I would also need some sort of portable grilling apparatus.  Hmmmmmm, let me see.  I GOT IT!!!!

Perfect.  I think that just about completes it. 

So consider this a formal plea for the public’s help.  I will accept all donations, large and small.  I am not opposed to selling ad space( yea, I can be bought.) I would prefer some sort of sausage company(hello Johnsonville) or a beer company (great opportunity for Dogfish).  I’d even be willing to run a tickerboard so your small business could get in on this.  Imagine advertising a cab company that offered rides home from parking lots, for a small fee of course.

Lets get this done folks.  Humanity will be better off ro it, I promise.


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