Feelin' Bossy

Today is National Boss Day.  In celebration I got to boss my boss this morning(I think that’s irony……)

So take some time and celebrate your boss.  That is if you like ’em.  If you do, (like me) consider yourself lucky.  Feels great to work in an environment where you are respected and trusted fully by your boss.  If you work with the opposite, maybe another job is in your future.

So apparently it snowed in CT yesterday.  I didn’t see it but it did feel a lot like November this morning.  That explains the craving I had for turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. 

tailgating tomorrow.  Gonna be cold.  Glad I’m making chili.  I may need to make it a tad hotter now.  Maybe the weather will hold out for us.  Maybe this calls for a flask of Jameson to keep me warm.

FYI, a reunion of sorts today, at 1:05 pm, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo will be joining Mike Francesa from Yankee Stadium and on the YES Network as well as 660 AM.  For those of you who loved the two together, it is great.  The rest of you, sorry ya just wasted your time reading about two guys you know nothing about.

Enjoy your November weekend.


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