Monday Moans

40 degrees is not cold.  remember, this is New England folks.  It’s mid-October, you gotta expect these temps.  How are you gonna react in mid winter when it is below zero, or what most Nutmeggers call chilly.

125 days till spring training, for those who care. (psst…that’s us sox fans)

On that topic, hey Papelbon, don’t have the nerve to ask for Rivera type money this off-season.  I don’t remember him blowing a two run lead and really giving up 5 runs.  Instead, spend the winter coming up with a better pitch than a fastball down the heart of the plate.

I think the Angels are a team of destiny.  You have been warned Yankee fans.

How is it possible for a baby to be up for 15 straight hours.  That has to be some sorta record. 

I think I can finally get on board with Eli as the Giants franchise QB.  Also. those Denver uniforms yesterday are the ugliest pieces of laundry ever put on a professional player.

Loves Oktoberfest beer, upset it lasts only a month.

My teams are 0-3 when Avery wears their shirts(sox:0-2, Michigan:0-1), thinking about dressing her in Yankees, Eagles, and Ohio St. stuff.



One Response to “Monday Moans”

  1. Yep, it must be the baby clothing that caused the Sox to lose … the baby clothing and every other superstitious thought or action of Sox fans. It couldn’t possibly be the lack of hits/runs and the poor performance of pitchers we all expected to come through in the clutch.

    Am I disappointed? Yes. Did the Sox deserve to win playing the way they have lately? No. Baseball, as I love it, is done till spring. I sure hope the Sox organization figures out what went wrong … and FIXES IT!

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