There are some very famous curses out there.  That Babe Ruth one was kicked to the curb in ’04. 

The Madden Cover curse is in full force.  Just trace back the covers every year and 90% of the players either had an awful year or got hurt(this year, Troy Palulamu.) 

 Then there is the Curse of the Billy Goat(Hello Bartman!!!)  Poor Cubbies.

0121_largeI bring this up because of the Sports Illustrated Cover curse.  It has been researched and it is much more of a coincidence.  Hell, even SI has written an article on it.  Well Yankee fans, guess who was on the cover this week.

Yep, that’s your boy Mariano.  cover_front1005Plastered right there for all of America to see.  If you think the curse is full of S*I* then let me refresh your memory.  Two weeks ago, Oklahoma St. was put on the cover,SPR20090914 that week, a huge upset loss against the Houston Cougars. 

Oh it’s real.  Enjoy the playoffs.


One Response to “Curses”

  1. tracking back Curses… tracking back Curses…

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