Know the Rules

To the parents and student-athletes of East Haven High School:  if you break the rules, accept the consequences.  Your sons and daughters were caught drinking.  The punishment is pretty straight and forward.  There is no gray area here. 

As a high school coach, we make sure our student-athletes at my school all sign a form that states they read the student handbook and understand the rules.  We hold our kids to that.  Now, I’m not saying that I think East Haven’s policy on drinking and drugs isn’t a tad hefty, but it is what it is.  Your kids felt it was more important to go out and have a few then think about the results of their actions.

Instead of blaming the school system, lets look at the kids.  One parent said that all the time their kids have put into football over the past several years has been ripped away and their senior years are ruined.  I don’t think the school system ruined their year, I believe your kids took that one on when they decided to tip back a few.

Take this opportunity to teach.  Respect the laws that are in place.  Realize that there are consequences for your actions.  Maybe this can make stronger for the future by sacrificing the now. 

Just stop crying “unfair” please.

Just a quick update.  The Board of Ed and the superintendent of East Haven caved.  It’s just sad.  They completely gave in to the masses and didn’t stick to the rules that were laid out.  Instead they showed to have the backbone of a slug.  Way to teach a lesson:  If you complain enough, you can get what you want instead of what you may deserve.  SAD SAD SAD!


3 Responses to “Know the Rules”

  1. Well said….well said. Lack of accountability… to love the parents. Setting a great example. Thanks Jay for bringing a different angle on this story.

  2. I love it when I see lessons of taking responsibility passed from one generation to the next. I wonder if parents who cry unfair for their kids – when it is not deserved – fully realize that they are passing irresponsibility on and on and on.

  3. Oh I see, No mercy for anyone other than Michael Vicks. Maybe it was peer pressure that got to Vicks, maybe his youth lead to a poor decision, maybe he was there, but didn’t think he was doing anything wrong and was just one of the few who didn’t run into the woods when the cops showed up and snagged everyone who was polite enough to stay and say who they were. The only lesson being taught here is to RUN when the cops show up. I don’t agree with underage drinking but I also believe in Due Process.

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