Another Year Passed

I was thinking this morning driving in.  That’s one of the benefits commuting at 3am.  No cars and a half hour of free time.  Just me and my thoughts.  So like I said I was thinking what’s gone down in the past year.  As I was going through all the highlights, it came to me:  It was a pretty damn good year.

September: Got to celebrate my wonderful wife’s 30th birthday.  Also got my first set of UConn tix that led to three more years of games with great friends.

October: Was able to watch my youngest brother’s last high school soccer season.  A couple great friends got hitched to each other.  Seeing the Celts hang #17 in the rafters.  Went to Aruba with Nikki to celebrate her birthday only to come home with a greater gift.arubas1216638147_423917_6751656

November: Found out we were going to be parents.  Really no more you could ask for.

December:  Was able to tell both sides of the family in person about the pending addition.  It was really cool to see all the reactions.  That really was the best present.

January:  Spent a nice long weekend with the fam in the Poconos.  Went skiing for the first time in years and realized how much I missed it. 

February:  Nothing really big sticks out here, but it’s the worst month of the year.  I guess the best thing is it lasted only 28 days.  God, I hate this month.

March:  The start of Spring and baseball.  Everything just seems better during this month.  I always look forward to our first High School practice and what led to a really fun year.s1171934806_488221_1898174

April:  I think this was the month we finally found out the sex of Avery.  the big thing that stuck out was the crazy amount of practices we had because of all the rainouts and cancellations.  Boy, was my team ready for anything.  My oldest brother met a great girl and I have never seen him happier.6660_562037640389_48807370_33259291_3339773_s

May: Even though it was a rough month of work, to find out I survived the round of cuts was a huge relief.  A lot of really good employees lost jobs, but in a very selfish way, it felt great not to be one of them.  Even though, for a brief moment the thought of a change in careers crossed my mind.  I’m thrilled with sticking it out.

June:  The month of showers.  Both weather and baby.  Yea, it was really rainy but we got hooked up with all that we needed.  Very blessed to be in such a gret family and to have awesome friends.  A rough ending to our season, but I’ll remember the four years we had with those kids.  516725752_6v4AV-S-2They became the winningest and most succesful group of baseball players to pass through our school.  They set the bar for all other student athletes to attain too.  My step-dad was able to retire from the force and let me tell ya, retirement suits him to a tee.  Watching my youngest brother graduate high school.

July:  Wow, what a month.  5360_1198159792109_1171934806_586270_3351464_sBaby born.  Family reunion.  New building debut.  Two more friends getting married. 5889_1189942864697_1112121100_30596535_3212462_s5535_104681747830_722152830_2345403_1321053_s5213_1191951007066_1477125088_509714_585206_s0803091559 All in a matter of a week and a half and all lived up to expectations.  One of the best two week stretches in my life and one I will always remember.  Being able to play golf all the time with my oldest brother.  He may not realize it, but I love being out on the course with him, just playin’ and talkin’.

August:  Getting used to being a Dad.  Introducing Avery to all our friends.  Knowing that if Nikki and I were able to get through that rough stretch, anything is possible and nothing could come between us.

September:  Sending my youngest and last brother off to college.  The start of another football season with UConn season tix.  Another year in the books with the hope of another great one around the bend.

All in all, a pretty damn good year.  Not a lot of drama.  I’m sure a few things happened that slipped my mind.  Really can’t complain too much.  It’s a good life with good friends and good family.  8526_133919388076_566863076_2475971_4574100_n


3 Responses to “Another Year Passed”

  1. It’s always good to count your blessings. HBD!

  2. Very well said Jay!

  3. awwwww.
    i think february was when we heard avery’s heartbeat for the first time…

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