Falling in Love, Again

I thought that once I met Nikki, s566863076_1030603_5381that was it.  I had found my one love. 

Then, Averyavery came along and I discovered a whole new level of love.

Then, yesterday happened.  A new love entered my life.  With beautiful dark and tanned skin, a gorgeous shape and makes me feel oh so comfortable.  I feel that Avery and I can lay with her for hours.  What’s nice is, I am alone with her for a few hours before Nikki gets home.  The best thing, Nikki is fine with it.  She’ll sit with me for hours watching all sorts of sports and never complain.  I don’t know where she has been my entire life but I am head-over-heels happy that she is here to stay.   Ya wanna met her????  Well here she is:

She's a beaut!!

She's a beaut!!


5 Responses to “Falling in Love, Again”

  1. That’s kind of sick. But I like it. By the way, you’re getting old.

  2. I think of it as “becoming sophisticated”

  3. wow, i hope you two are very happy together…

  4. i cant believe i now have to compete with a chair!

  5. WOW…..you are one lucky man. Now the family is complete!

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