Who's Worse?

OK, all everyone is talking about this morning is Kanye West and his outburst during the MTV VMA’s last night.  I never realized how many people still watched MTV, let alone the VMA’s.  I think the last time this show had any relevancy was when “The Kiss”  happened between Madonna and Brit.

Anyway, back to the point at hand.  Was Kanye’s outburst wrong, sure.  I actually think it was staged, but that’s just me.   Just think of all the free pub MTV, Kanye, Beyonce and Swift got from this.  For them it is gold, and lets not forget, this wasn’t even the worst outburst over the weekend.

If you missed it here it is:

Threatening and berating an official should and is uncalled for.  Don’t be pissed at her because you screwed up.  Saying that you “will shove this racket up your a%$”  is just wrong and she deserved to get tossed.  She deserves the fine and she deserves to be suspended.  On a related note, how can the announcers(John McEnroe, Dick Enberg and Mary Carullo) say that the official could not make that call at that time and was “over-officiating.”  A rule is a rule and she made the right call.  Shame on the three of them for quasi-defending Serena’s actions.

So, who’s worse?  A professional athlete on a national stage during the semifinals of one of the four biggest tournaments in her sport berating an official over a CORRECT call, or an entertainer interrupting another entertainer as she accepted a silver-coated moonman for an award that no one even thought existed anymore(seriously, when was the last time MTV even aired a video???)

I’m going with Serena.  We all knew that Kanye was a bit off his rocker, now we know that Serena is as well.


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