Lets Kick it Off!!!

It’s that time of year.  All the fantasy teams have been drafted, the shrines have been set in the living rooms and the jerseys have all been dusted off.  That’s right boys and girls:  IT”S FOOTBALL TIME!!!!!!!! 

I know, it hardly seems like eight months since Santonio Holmes got his toenails down for the Super Bowl.  Yep time flies and now we get to start it up all over again.

Tonight it all starts with the defending champs Steelers welcoming in the Tennessee Titans @8 on the mothership.  OK, so it won’t be a high flying affair, but it will be a knock-down, drag-out classic battle that will most surely decide the fates of these two teams over the season :).

So, before the season begins, it is time for my annual predictions.  I hope everyone waited to place your bets till you read this.  These are locked-in, rock-solid guarantees.  In my recollection, I have never been wrong.  Maybe mistaken once or twice, but NEVER wrong.  So without further ado:

AFC East:      New England 11-5; Miami 10-6; NY Jets 7-9; Buffalo 6-10

AFC North:   Pittsburgh 12-4; Baltimore 8-8; Cincinnati 7-9; Cleveland 3-13

AFC South:   Indianapolis 12-4; Jacksonville 11-5; Tennessee 10-6;         Houston 7-9

AFC West:    San Diego 13-3; Denver 6-10; Oakland 5-11; Kansas City 4-12

Wildcards:  Jacksonville and Miami.

AFC Championship:  San Diego over Indianapolis.

NFC East:    NY Giants 12-4; Philadelphia 10-6; Dallas 8-8; Washington 8-8

NFC North: Green Bay 11-5; Chicago 10-6; Minnesota 7-9; Detroit 3-13

NFC South: New Orleans 11-5; Atlanta 10-6; Carolina 9-7; Tampa Bay 5-11

NFC West:   Seattle 10-6; Arizona 7-9; San Fransisco 4-12; St. Louis 2-14

Wildcards: Chicago and Atlanta

NFC Championship: NY Giants over New Orleans

:  San Diego over NY Giants.

Go ahead, place your bets!!!


4 Responses to “Lets Kick it Off!!!”

  1. Big Pete Olsen (not to be confused with tall Pete Olsen) Says:

    Jets 7-9? oh boy…

  2. GMEN???????? Are you kidding….I predict Gmen finish 3rd (yes 3rd) in their Division. Eagles easily take the Div with Dallas taking second (and WC). Gmen just don’t have the offense needed….

  3. please, thats why we got the d and don’t sleep on the young receivers. They’ll run all over everyone. Eagles are an injury disaster waiting to happen

  4. […] out??  This has become an annual tradition.  A post that everyone waits for with bated breath.  Last years were a bit off, but not overly bad.  Here is the 2008 prediction post.  Didn’t realize I wa on such a Chargers love-fest the […]

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