Flu me once…….

Went to the doc’s office yesterday.  Well I did and didn’t.  I was there but it was Avery’s appointment.

A shot or not?

A shot or not?

One question I did ask was about flu shots.  Will Nikki and I need one?  How important is it that we get on?  Did he and his wife get one?  All answers were yes, not what I wanted to hear.

See, I’ve never had a flu shot and I have never had the flu.  My argument was why change what’s working.  His counterpoint:  Either I have a great immune system(true) or I am extremely lucky(also true).  His recommendation was for us to get it to protect Avery, not necessarily us.

Now, I am all for protecting my child but I still haven’t decided what to do.  Nikki got one last year and I didn’t.  No flu for either of us.  My reasoning is, if everyone around me gets a shot why do I?  This doesn’t even bring in the whole “swine” flu bug.

I have some time still before I decided to get shot up or not.  Right now, my gut says no, but I have a hunch my head will win out and I’ll get it.

 That would be a first:  head over gut. 



6 Responses to “Flu me once…….”

  1. Actually, i was supposed to have a flu shot because i was pregnant, but i wasn’t able to get the flu shot because everyone was out of them, and i DID get the flu really badly for like 8 days!and i believe you had a very mild version because you had the symptoms for a couple days. so that puts your theory out the window.

  2. Oh yea, I forgot how sick you were and I did not have a mild version. Remember I have never had the flu

  3. No shot needed. The Hendry immmune system is strong. It will never give in to the weak and feable flu bug.

  4. Coughing, sneezing, achyness, and fever=flu.

  5. I think I was hungover…

  6. I think my boys are too cocky … get the shot to protect your kid. Not everyone around you gets one … you still go shopping don’t you? H1N1 has a greater impact on your age group and little ones than on my age group. Sometimes modern medicine is a good thing.

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