What a Relief

I’ll tell ya, the past two weeks here at the Peacock have probably been the most stressful two weeks I have ever had.  Getting ourselves ready for the big NBC Universal broadcast which involved an array of upper level exec’s) was a long and excruciating process.  Add to that a baby that refused to do anything but cry  and scream at home.  You could say my nerves were a tad frayed.

One thing I have learned over the years is to never bring whatever problems I have going on at home into work.  I feel it’s not fair to subject my co-workers to family issues.  The problem is, I don’t do the same thing with my work problems.  I’ll bring a bad day home with me.  I’ll bring that stress and and everything right through the front door and it can affect things with the fam.  This is what happened the past few weeks.

Sometimes you feel you can dump anything on the ones you love and that’s OK.  Well, unfortunatly for Nikki and Avery, they got the brunt of my frustration and stress.  Not really fair of me and neither were deserving of such crap.

Did I mean to, not particularly.  I just needed a place to relax and vent.  This just happened to correspond with a very colicy baby.  So my relaxing place became another place of stress and my venting turned into irrationability(is that a word?  If not I’m calling Webster.  The dictionary not the short sitcom character.)

So, up until Thursday, our nights consisted of a screaming child and arguments.  Not really a happy place to be. 

Once the events of Thursday were over(a rousing success BTW) and Nikki and Avery headed out to the Poconos, I was able to relax and see the follies of my ways.  I think the separate weekend was good for us all.  I was able to get a breather and Nikki was able to get away from that A-hole that had taken residence in my body and taken over.

As much as I enjoyed the quietness Friday and Saturday, I did not necessaraly enjoy the lonliness.  I had my Wolverines(great win) and other college games but it just was not the same.

I was thrilled to have them both back on Sunday.  The house felt like a home again and I had my family back. 

At six weeks.  Courtesy of my step-dad. http://ralphchappell.smugmug.com/

At six weeks. Courtesy of my step-dad. http://ralphchappell.smugmug.com/

Time apart is good, I just have to remember that as unfair as it is to bring my home issues to work, the reverse may be just as bad.  If not worse.  Now, I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I can promise that I will work harder to make sure I’m not a complete douche when both lives crash head-on.


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