A Decade Gone

Yep, a peacock of Jello shots

Yep, a peacock of Jello shots

Today marks my tenth anniversary at NBC30/Connecticut.  Who woulda thought my first job outta college would be the one.  I’ve worked the same “crazy” shift the whole time as well.  I don’t know how you 9-5ers do it.

From the first day in the building when the director looked at me and asked “ever run a studio camera?” and I was thrown to the wolves(flawless BTW),  to today I have been lucky enough to work with some great workers who have turned into great friends.

I have loved going to work everyday.  I am lucky enough to be able to say that.  I know a lot of people that hate where they work and realize I am blessed to have such a fun, challenging and exciting job.

So as I sit at home and listen to Nikki gabbin’ with Avery, I was reflecting on my favorite memories of the past ten years at the peacock.

In September of ’99 there was my first major story there.  Hurricane Floyd(i think).  I worked for 12 hours at the station and followed that up with another six at the Liquor Store.  An 18 hour day on my b-day nonetheless.  This was my first taste of crazy news hours.

The 2000 Presidential election.  We came into work at 3:45 without a president.  It was amazing to watch history unfold right in front of my eyes.  A surreal day, to say the least.

9-11 coverage.  I didn’t work that fateful morning.  I took that Tuesday off because I was up and out late watching the Giants season opener on Monday Night football.  The next morning’s coverage was just a blur.

October of 2004.  Working every morning with other Red Sox and Yankee fans during that memorable playoff series.  All of us showing up on little to no sleep but loving it because we were all in it together.  Then having it all crescendo with that come-backer to Foulke.  Doing the show the next morning with one of our Anchors in Boston was just awesome.

All the mornings after various UConn championships including the double dip with the Men and Women’s teams.

The countless 4am snow shows.  My favorite were the ones we did when it wasn’t even snowing.  Seriously, my crew hates me because I come in all fired up for all day storm coverage.  Just throw the plan away and see where it takes you.  Those shows are the most fun.

The black day when we were told layoffs were coming and those subsequent days.  Hey, not all memories have to be good ones.

The debut of our new building and the fact I was the last one to be on the air in the old house and the first one in the new house.  All this a week after Avery was born.  Now that was a great week.

My favorite though were the many Fridays spent at TGI Fridays when co-workers became great friends.  When we showed up at 12:15pm and left at 2:30am.  Going through shifts of bartenders just laughing and drinking the night away.  Those are the times I loved the most.  Not the next mornings though :).

I just hope the next ten will be as great as the first.



6 Responses to “A Decade Gone”

  1. Zabba Zoo Says:

    Ahh the the good old days. Glad to say I was there for 80% of those events. I kinda could go for a “Deluxe” right about now. . .how about you?

  2. congratulations on another milestone.

  3. Congrats. Man, you’re old.

  4. Wow….quite a run my friend. Wishing you many more.

    BTW – I noticed your college team is trying all they can to win 4 games this year. DIRTY!!!

  5. How we all miss the “std”

  6. I’m with Zabba, we’re in dire need of a Friday’s marathon. It was a sad day when that era ended.

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