That is what these past two weeks have felt like.

Just blah-ey.

It could be from lack of sleep.  Whoever said “sleep like a baby” should be punched in the neck.  Unless of course, they meant sleeping in 10 minutes to two hour intervals.  I swear Avery has about 10-20 minutes a day when she is happy.  The rest off the time is a combo of fussiness and all-out, blood-curdling screaming.  The joys of parenthood, my arse.  Hope the good times start soon.

It could be from working long hours.  You see, next Thursday, a bunch of corporate bigwigs will be in the house for a company wide “meeting” that will be broadcast to all NBC and GE arms.  The past two weeks, this has been our focus.  It’s kinda of a big deal.  Which makes workdays kinda longer.

It could be the fact that the gym and I have become distant friends.  Mostly because of the previous two.

Whatever the reason is, I just can’t shake the feeling.  I do my damnedest every day to shake, but it doesn’t wanna let go. 

It’s like a case of the Mondays every day.  Except I usually like Mondays.  I nrmally feel like that on Fridays.  So maybe it’s a case of the Fridays. 

Maybe even more I just need to suck it up and get on livin’.  

It’s most likely that. 

Enjoy the rainy Saturday.

Yep, I ‘m bringing you all down with me.



4 Responses to “Blahs”

  1. Big Pete Olsen (not to be confused with tall Pete Olsen) Says:

    “Whoever said “sleep like a baby” should be punched in the neck.”
    Now that is funny!!!!!!!

  2. sometimes being grown up and raising kids is just plain hard … really … ask anyone who’s raised 4 or so.

  3. I dont think she knows what she is talking about.

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