A Top 10 "Top 25 List"

I like lists.

I enjoy the fact that many people put in countless hours to compile a ranking of previously unranked things.

Would I miss out if these things weren’t ranked, probably not.  Once I see them, the good ones become instant talkers.

We all have our own lists.  Favorite movies, food, drinks, teams, women, men, dogs, etc.  This one is perfect for the new and returning college kids.

The Top 25 Douchiest Colleges.  Editors at GQ magazines dedicated, I’m sure. well compisated time to compile this.  I feel it is my duty to read and respond. 

Simply put, what a great job.  Of course I have never heard of a few(Bob Jones, Deep Springs??) but the others, all I can say is well played good sirs.

Hartford can be proud of it’s own Trinity College making the list at #21.  Other local institutes:  Vassar, NYU, BU, Amherst, Harvard and the #1 Brown.

One, I was glad to see that non of my brothers schools or mine was on the list.  Tw0, I was thrilled to see Ohio St., Notre Dame and Duke make the final cut. 

At least the students match the fans.

The only thing I don’t like, I am worried that the insult “douche” may be on the verge of jumping the shark.  God, I hope that doesn’t happen.  I love that word.


2 Responses to “A Top 10 "Top 25 List"”

  1. OK, I give. Who’s ghostwriting this thing? And what do they charge? I want to steal him/her away.

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