Cleaning House

Have come to realize that the Today Show’s first half hour is the only part worth watching.  Well that and getting to see who Ann Curry touches uncomfortably.

Sox resurgence+Yanks playing great+Remy back+August at Fenway=A great weekend of baseball.

Avery got her first kiss from a boy yesterday and I am all right with it.  At least he’s walking so that’s a step in the right direction.

Reuniting with old friends on Saturday.  10 years ago that involved drinking, beer pong and passing out at 5am.  Now it involves dirty diapers, baby stories and passing out at 10pm.  Where did the 20’s go??

Football Fantasy draft tonight.  Yep, spending a summer Friday night inside with a bunch of guys and drafting real players for a fake team.  Sorry ladies, I’m married.

I consider myself a problem solver.  A solutions-type guy.  A couple of our part-time girls asked me about insurance coverage so I suggested finding a sugar-daddy.  They scoffed at the idea. 

My last brother starts college on Wednesday.  I just hope he had as much fun as I did.  My parents do not.

I enjoy the fact that car dealerships are kind enough to suggest what needs to be done on your car.  I wonder if they would do that if the price was $150 instead of $1500.

Can’t wait till Michigan football games start in two weeks.  I’m sure hope that Rich Rod’s pay/win goes down this year.  It makes sense, think about it.

Thinking Billy Wagner would be a nice month and a half rental for the Red Sox.

Still not sure if the amber alert that got put out yesterday was fake or not.  I’ve heard conflicting reports.  If it was, why would anyone do that.  If it wasn’t and the kids were found, three cheers to social networks.

Babyproofing our house will not be a fun task. 

Houseproofing our baby, much harder.

UConn Huskies season opener on September 12th.  Looking forward to kegs and eggs at 9am.  Nap by 3.

Enjoy the weekend.  One more month of summer yet.


3 Responses to “Cleaning House”

  1. Great spelling and grammar. Verrrry funny.
    OK, who wrote this?

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