One Month

So far it is what we expected.  Lots of crying and lots of sleeping(maybe not as much as we had hoped for) and lots of eating.

It has been a whirlwind of a month.  Little Avery has met almost the entire family on both sides.  This past weekend we subjected her to the PA side.  Of course she was the hit of the party.  Getting passed around to all the relatives, hell I didn’t even see her for half the day. 

Hiding out from the family in Dad's arms

Hiding out from the family in Dad's arms

She finally got back up to her birth weight last week.  It has been a struggle for this girl to put on weight but I think we may have turned the corner.  She is so small to begin with that her gains are so minuscule but the doctors insist she is healthy and in a normal range. 

It has been a month of inconsistent sleep.  Luckily, my wife is kind enough to deal with Avery in the middle of the night so I can get some shut eye.  Naps are few and far in between and even when we have time to get one in, other duties pop up. 

Listening intently as I rant about the Sox

Listening intently as I rant about the Sox

Some nights she sleeps great.  This past weekend she slept five hours Friday night and six hours Saturday.  Then last night she was back to her old ways.  Sometimes her colic is so bad, the only way she nods off is sleeping on one of our chests.  Great for her, not so comfy for us. 

It has been everything we expected though.  She has been amazing in every way and we are so thrilled the way things have turned out. 

One thing I can say with certainty though, it’s going to be a while before number two comes into the fold that is for sure!!


(BTW, college football camps start today!!!!!!!!)


3 Responses to “One Month”

  1. It’s only be a few days since I’ve seen her, and she has changed so much.

  2. So cute! We need to still make plans to see the new addition….maybe next weekend??

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