Am I? 

 Yea, you could say that. 

I think we all are in a way. 

I always put on my right shoe first.  There is no other way.  I have been known to wear the same outfit for A Michigan or Giants game multiple times if I wore it while they won.  If a team lost while wearing a certain shirt, it was bumped to the end of the rotation.  I went through a lot of shirts last football season.

I have a very nice Red Sox jersey that I can’t wear because every time it sits on my shoulders, the Sox lose.

Some of my readers may remember my whole guacamole thing I had going during the G-Men’s run to their latest Super Bowl win.

During my baseball season, I’ll wear the same uniform as long as we keep winning.  During a nice streak, the dugout can get a little ripe.

So you see, a tad superstitious.

Today though brings out the worst in me.  Today I make sure there are things that we do not do and there are no exceptions.  There will be no grocery shopping.  No buying corn.  No using the toaster.  Why?  Well 23 years ago we did all those things and our house caught on fire and was gutted.  I was 8 and my brother was 3.  A very traumatic experience to drive up the street and see flames shooting out the windows of your kitchen.

So to this day, we do none of those things and we have had 22 straight years without a fire so why mess with a good thing. 

The craziest sidebar to this:  Nikki knew all this and still married me. 

Now who is the crazy one???


2 Responses to “Superstitious”

  1. oh crap!!! you mean i wasn’t supposed to use the toaster either?…oops!

  2. relax … it was a toaster oven. I like to use this day to remind people to unplug – after every use – thier toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker, and any other small appliance. A simple power surge might kick plugged in appliances on and, poof! It’s not a fun experience. Thank goodness no one was home sleeping at the time, and the pets were outside.

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