Let the Season Begin!!!

Okay, it is August and now time for the baseball season to kick up a notch and this week gets it started.  Sox head into the lions den this week with six games against the Rays and Yanks.  Just the first of 18 against these two foes the rest of the year. 

It is do or die time now.  Time for newly acquired Victor Martinez to get fully engulfed in meaningful baseball and dive headfirst into the greatest rivalry in sports.  While Papi and Youk are getting jeered, V-Mart may have to carry his fair share offense. 

Should be a fun week and count me in as one who is fired up for it.  Time for the Sawx to start rollin!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Let the Season Begin!!!”

  1. Big Pete Olsen (not to be confused with tall Pete Olsen) Says:

    Exciting time of year, this is where the boys of summer do there best work! Peter is going to the game Friday night, should be exciting for him to see the new stadium, time to make new memories, we have lots of father and son memories in the old one! 2003 world series is still one of the most memorable events we have ever attended togethar even though the outcome wasnt in our favor. I remember watching peter’s facial expressions as we were in the house that Ruth built watching pudge rodriguez wrapped around josh becketts waist celebrating on the mound after game 6. He was devastated! Nonetheless just being at the World Series is one of his most cherished memories.
    So in the spirit of friendly competition, Go Yanks!!!

  2. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Let the Season Begin!!!…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Let the Season Begin!!!…

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