Can You Smell It??

It’s there in the air.  A subtle, yet sweet odor.  Smell it yet?   Nothing huh?  Go ahead step outside take a real big whiff and then tell me, I’ll wait…….


Still nothing huh?  Well let me tell you what it is:


That’s right boys and girls training camps have opened up across this great land of ours and its time to start talking some pigskin. 

Let me get one thing out there:  this will be a NY Giants/University of Michigan biased blog.  I do play favorites.  I try to be middle-of-the-road on the Patriots but it is so hard when my hatred runs so deep.  The only positive about the Patsies: their QB is a Michigan man.

My football thirst got kicked up a notch on Friday when I found out that UConn will be traveling out to beautiful Ann Arbor, MI next September and guess who will be in attendance?  Yep, yours truly. 

Michigan vs. OSU 2008

Michigan vs. OSU 2008

I’ve been to three prior Michigan games and this time we will be taking my brother out for his first experience.  Hey, that’s all next year though.

This year we have UConn season tix so that is where you can find me on fall afternoons and I am pumped for their season.  I expect the Giants to be a top five NFL team again.  Michigan on the other hand, lets just say that my patience will pay off.

So with these events happening and fantasy football starting(yeah, I am one of those guys) my wife’s least favorite part of the year is just around the corner.  Wait till I initiate my daughter in my fall weekend ritual. Can you say out-numbered hon???


3 Responses to “Can You Smell It??”

  1. oh big sigh….at least i can have fun tailgaiting at UCONN

  2. that’s cause you automatically stay logged in and when i visit the page after you, it stays as your log-in, but in my 3 seconds of freedom to actually get to read your blog, i didn’t notice it was your login…

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