Time to Shine

For Theo, not myself.

This is the time of year where a MLB GM makes or breaks his rep.  For Theo Epstein, he has proven that he is not afraid to make a deal that he believes will make his team better.

From trading away Nomar in ’04(you remember that one right?  The one everyone hated till October), to the Eric Gagne deal in ’07 that everyone loved and didn’t quite work out that well.  He’s had his strikeouts and his home runs, but he ain’t afraid to pull the trigger.

That is why I love these next two days.  With the trade deadline rapidly approaching(Friday @4pm) the Sox find themselves knee deep in the rumor pool.  They apparently are in on Doc Halladay, Victor Martinez, and Adrian Gonzalez. 

He'll look good in a Sox uni, won't he?

Me?   I want Doc, screw the sluggers.  The bats will come around.  A rotation of Beckett, Lester, Halladay, Wake and Smoltz/Penny fighting for the fifth spot is pretty damn good.  In fact, I’d trade Buchholz, Bowden, another prospect and Jed Lowrie for the workhorse and SS Marco Scutaro.  It can solve both needs in one fell swoop.

It is about winning now.  The Sox still have a deep system and this trade will not hurt them.  The only caveat is, they gotta sign Halladay and Beckett(both FA the same year.)  That would make this rotation nasty for the next five years.  Of course if they can’t sign him, two draft picks will be coming there way(same w/Scutaro after this year.)

Time to take calculated risks.  Don’t fall in love with an unknown.  We know what Halladay brings to the table.  Go with the sure thing.  ’04 and ’07 were great, but it only made me thirsty for more success.  I have enough faith in the brass to re-stock the farm.

Lets hope by 4:00 Friday afternoon that the landscape of the AL East has shifted dramatically toward the Nation and the Fens.



2 Responses to “Time to Shine”

  1. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Time to Shine…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Time to Shine…

  2. But…..has he done steroids too??? LOL

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