Dream Vacation

Over the past few years. I have been lucky enough to go on some pretty nice vaca’s(nothing compared to Gerry Brooks, he is in a class all by himself.)  Vegas, Florida panhandle, and Aruba have all been nice.  This past vacation wasn’t really a vacation, it was just time off of work, completely different.  Of course all these will be second-class getaways in a few years(okay like 8, but who’s counting.)

See, for my 40th bday I am going to Scotland.  Now I haven’t even turned 32 yet, but you gotta plan for these things in advance.  I started researching Scottish “holidays” this weekend and was relatively surprised at how affordable they are, IF you have 8 years to save up for them.

From anywhere from mid 2 g’s to 3 g’s you can spend a week bouncing between some high quality golf courses, hotels, cities, and whiskey distillers.  I’ll be going with my brother and we’ll be playing as many rounds as we can squeeze in.  Then later in the night, we’ll squeeze in more rounds of a different kind.

Hopefully we get some time to research our heritage a bit as well.  Or dad’s dad  came right off the boat when he was in his teens and it would be cool to retrace his steps backwards.

To answer one of you questions, yes St. Andrews will be a must.  Also Carnoustie, maybe Royal Troonand Turnberry as well.  We want to play the finest courses time and money will allow.

To answer the next question, yep the wife is behind this idea 100%.  She may even come who knows.  While we are golfing, the rest of the non-players can explore the cities and ruins.

Even though it is years away, I am super excited for it.  It will make turning the big 4-0 much more tolerable.

So, what’s yours?


5 Responses to “Dream Vacation”

  1. I would say you should have married a flight attendant, but you did quite well :).

    Scotland is fabulous, laddie, whether you get on the Old Course or not. (I didn’t.)

  2. I “settled” for one of the other courses there.
    I’ll be back…

  3. Wow this is pretty interesting from the guy who refused to turn 30 and insisted on celebrating anniversaries of the 29th birthday that you are making plans for your 40th!)

  4. Big Pete Olsen (not to be confused with tall Pete Olsen) Says:

    Im living the dream now coach! Thats a good plan on your part! My dream vacation would have to be two parts, one vacation with the kids and one without. The one with the kids would be Norway or Australia for various reasons and the one without the kids would be a cross country motorcycle tour!

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