It is Upon Us

Here we sit at the cusp of a new era.  Thursday morning at 11am, local TV in Connecticut will never be the same.  We kick the tires and light the fires in our new HD studio and CT viewers get to see the evolution of TV finally hit the local stage.

A lot of hard work(maybe the understatement of the year) has gone into the past four years.  We can’t be more exciting about this moment.  Everyone has been working crazy hours to make sure that when this momentous occasion happens everything, and everyone is ready to go.

I can’t wait for Thursday to come.  I will be honored to direct the last show broadcast from our old facility and be the first to put our new facility on air.

Tune in, I promise you will love what you see.


3 Responses to “It is Upon Us”

  1. Quite a momentous time … first child, major change in work technonogy … your Mom couldn’t be more happy for and proud of you.

  2. Better, better. How about trying to photoshop Avery’s pic onto the Monster?

  3. count me in as one who will be tuning in.

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