Coming Home

5333_1176483326702_1066678877_549787_49225_nToday is the day.  After a little setback Friday night into Saturday, little Ms. Avery should be entering her new home today.

Yesterday was not an enjoyable day.  We were all geared up to bring her back to East Haddam, but our doctors worried about her high belirubin count.  That is when the red blood cell count is abnormally high.  It is very common in newborns.  2 out f every three have a high count.  It is most common in babies that were two weeks premature(like Avery).  The solution is simple: lots of food, lots of crapping and some time under a UV lamp.

So that is where she spent most of her time on Saturday.  “Tanning” for lack of a better word and eating.  The good news is that as the day went on, she was eating more and more.  She hadn’t been that interested in food and was sleeping a ton, two symptoms of a high belirubin number.

It seems though that the levels are normal and we can finally have the whole fam together for the first time.  I’m excited to see how the cat and dog react to Avery.  I brought home her little cap from Thursday so they could sniff it.  Macbeth was into it until she realized it wasn’t a toy and then could care less.  The cat, well he could care less about anything that isn’t food.

This should be an exciting day.  Nikki’s dad is also coming down to see his first grandkid.  So far the only two who haven’t met her are Nikki brother Andrew and my brother Brian.  There has already been some jockeying by the uncles to be her favorite.  Which is fine by us, I say spoil away!!

So, an exciting day on tap.  Avery’s first moments of the rest of her life.  I can’t wait to get my family all under one roof.  These past two nights have been lonely.  My family, that has a pretty cool ring to it.


4 Responses to “Coming Home”

  1. Congrats Jay….glad everything is going well and she finally gets to come home. Jen and I cannot wait to see her…but I’m sure you both need time to enjoy the moment with each other an family. But we will see you ver soon.
    Thanks for making the wedding as well…it really meant a lot and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

  2. OK, it’s time. Change the header on this blog. The new season’s half over, and I think it’s time for one Avery Giselle (great great name) to assume that space. Get ‘er done!

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