Hour 10

Just because I love this pic and I found it on Nikki's CPU, no other reason to show it.

Just because I love this pic and I found it on Nikki's CPU, no other reason to show it.

Some progress but to slow for Nikki.  Right now she is getting her first sleep since ten last night.  They gave he some pain meds for the contractions, which have been well in a word: ouchy.  They are coming every two to three minutes.  So right now we sit and wait. 

If she is as stubborn as me, it could be a while.  I think that we will have some further progress around noon or so.  The in-laws are on the way up from PA, and they should be here around that time. 

So, as i sit here killing time, lets get to some topics that I have wanted to get thru.

How about Wakefield?  What a season.  11 wins, an all-star berth and all at the ripe old age of 42.  Can’t think of it happening to a better Red Sox, teammate or person.  He has done nothing but dedicate himself to this game and this organization and earns this right.  I commend Joe Maddon(Tampa manager) for making this pick.  the more that guy does(maddon) the more i like him and will be a good replacement when Francona retires after a few more championships.

The Hartford Courant came out with its list of spring All-State high school athletes and what a shame it was.  They had one catcher on it and he no where close came to what Hale-Ray’s catcher did this year.  Tyler Witkowski got, in a word, screwed.  He batted over .400, drove in 20+ runs, scored 15 runs, threw out over 75% of base stealer’s and picked five other runners off.  He was named Shoreline Player of the Year and he got no love from the paper or its voters.  Not even an honorable mention.  Just politics as usual because this kid was one of the best players in the state and was a pleasure to coach for 4 years.  the one thing he can take away is that his coaches and his teammates would want no other dude behind the dish.

Our new studio debut is so close we can taste it, and to be honest, it does taste better in HD.  We have been ramping up our “run-thrus” to the point that we all feel confident about pulling up the curtain.  The only thing that sucks, I don’t know when and if I can be there.  I had a hunch the arrival of the most important thing in my family life and my professional life were on a head-on collision course.  It would kill me not to be there leading my crew through our first shows.  We have all put in so much time and effort I would hate to hand the reins to someone else.  The timing could still work out so I can make both though.   Lets hope.

All right, Nikki is sleeping right now.  More updates during the day when we get closer.  Thanks everyone for the great thoughts!!!!


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  1. Family first. And last.

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