No Room to Talk

We’ve all been there, making jokes about Mass and NY drivers.  Well citizens of CT, we are now as bad, if not worse then our neighbors to the north and west.

I’m not really sure when this shift of the norm happened.  I do know it has not been an overnight thing.  I have noticed a general decline in the performance over the past few years.  This past month, it has really gotten bad though.

I think it is all of our responsibility to improve.  No more speeding up to pass somebody, cut them off then slow down forcing ’em to slam on the brakes(this happened yesterday >: ( .) 

No more talking on cell phone and swerving into a lane completely unaware, forcing somebody to brake and maneuver only to be given a nasty look when they honk at them(G*@ D&%@ thing happened to me on Monday).

No more driving at 62 mph in the left lane and ignoring all signs to pull into the right hand lane, then when someone finally loses patience and tries to pass on the right you pull over cutting them off and letting a small village of cars pass both of you( a F@#$%*G regular happening for me!!)

It is time for people getting up to speed on entrance ramps so they can merge properly.  No more driving along at 45 on the ramp, cutting off someone who has the right of way and slowly getting up to 65.  In the meantime backing up the rest of traffic(this happens on almost every entrance onto rt. 9).

This can change folks.  We all have the ability to be better drivers.  Maybe we all need to get familiar with the rules of the road again.  I have seen the light, and I have tried to make myself better.  All it takes is a little want-to and know-how.  It’s time to end this madness and give the crown back to the Massholes and the freakin’ New Yorkers!!


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