One of Those Days

You know, everyone has those days.  The thing is there are two kinds.  There are thoooooose days and then there are THOSE DAYS!!!!!!  Yesterday, it was one of THOSE DAYS!!!!!  Still don’t get it one is this 😦  and one is this :), see the difference??

We had a great run thru in our new digs.  Cameras ran great, editors and servers were running like a well-oiled hybrid and our brand new switcher was smokin’.  Yea, the talent was all right, but really the run thrus aren’t for them so much.  It really is for the production staff and each day we get better and better.  Just wait CT, it will be worth it.

The rest of the day just continued on up, almost as if I was moving to the East Side.  Got a great two hour nap in, came home to newly planted tomato plants courtesy of my Mom. 

Went to have dinner at Eli Cannon’s in Middletown.  If you don’t know, I highly recommend it.  Maybe one of the top bars in the state.  So any day with a stop there has gotta be good.  What made it great: Lobster Mac and 5 Cheese.  OH GOOD LORD!!!!!  Just heaven in a pan!!!  Also tried a new brew: Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster reserve Cuvee de Cardoz.  Wow.  I knew it was good when Nikki took the first sip(shh don’t tell the prego police) put the glass down, sat back and “Shoot, that there is a mighty fine quaff,” (I may be paraphrasing a bit….)

Then, oh yea, it gets better, Nikki told me she was turned down for a job she applied for!  Awesome right?  Normally no, but when they rejected her because they wanted her in a higher paying role that sets her up for a top spot in her agency, than it is awesome!

After that fun-filled supper, we headed off to our last baby class(finally).  Good class, learned some stuff, but man oh man, the hours were tough and the length of the class was too much.  the one big positive was our weekly dinners at a different restaurant around the hospital, those I will miss.

See, always nice to have one of those good days.  In a world that is streaming negative waves to you on all fronts, it’s good to look at it and say, “You know, it is a mother beautiful life!”

Also Sox won, another +!!


One Response to “One of Those Days”

  1. joenesgarden Says:

    Cool for both of you. To accomodate both adults in the house, bush beans will go in between the tomatoes … they may be a little late, but that’s better than never.

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