30 Hour Days

Whos’ with me??  More time to get stuff done and maybe more time to sleep.  Sounds like a win win to me.

Hope everyone is recovering from their post-father’s day hangovers.  My lovely wife purchased me a couple things, that was a nice surprise.  We ended the day with an awesome salmon/steak dinner at my parents.  Good day.

Looks like this weather pattern could break real soon.  Maybe, just maybe we can start enjoying my parents pool. Not as nice sitting around a 70 degree pool with no sun(God, does that sound spoiled!!!!) 

Lots in store this week, last birth class(whoopee!), a Rock Cats game Wednesday night, little brother’s H.S. grad on Thursday night, chaperoning his Project Grad.  that night into late Friday morning, and the third of three baby showers is at my Moms on Sunday while I head out to an airshow that same day.  All this surrounded by more and more training in our new studio. 

Yea, just starting to get used to this non-stop running around thing.  Somewhere in this craziness finding gym time and golf time could be difficult.  I’m beginning to think I need a break from my life, but then I realize how far behind I’d get. 

Oh well, just another step toward “adulthood”,  Bleah.

long, twisted road

long, twisted road


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