Baby Steps

So close we can taste it!!

So close we can taste it!!

Starting yesterday and continuing for the near future, we are giving our new broadcast home the once over.  Yesterday morn we had our first crawl-thru.  Ya see it wasn’t a run-thru or a walk-thru because ya gotta crawl before anything else.

It was great to get in there and get our hands dirty.  Pushing new buttons and being surprised about what you find.  It was like a Christmas morning and a multi-million dollar present that you get to open everyday.

Now, we do know what most of the buttons do, but the ones that are not labled yet is a pleasent surprise.  The anchors look great.  The set looks great.  The new graphics look great. 

For all of us it is a completely new way of playing TV.  All computer-based and all in breath-taking HD. 

This is why no blog on Wednesday, I got to play first and let me tell ya, I feel much better about it today then I did.  I was really anxious about this whole process but once I sat down, it seems your instincts just take over. 

That was just our first crawl though.  We haven’t even taken our first step yet and when we get running, then it’s full steam ahead.

Trust me, the wait will be more than worth it.

The Outside, inside is still secret. SHHHHH

The Outside, inside is still secret. SHHHHH


4 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. joenesgarden Says:

    The building is beautiful, when do you get inside for good?

  2. Nice new logo. So will the Reporter tags now be ‘NBC Connecticut News’? How about a new name for Weather Plus??

    Im excited for new graphics, not a fan of the current newer look.

    • That is a lot of questions and I don’t know the answer to any. I think the reporters will tag like that but that is it

  3. I once worked on implementing a broadcast system and that first night that we aired using the new system was so exciting!! It *is* a great feeling when it all comes together and you see how all that button-pushing works for real!!

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