An Amazing Day

Yesterday, I golfed in the inaugural Rob Novak Memorial Golf Tournament.  I have wrote about this in a previous post here.FinalLOGO_color_3

It turned out to be the biggest golf tournament in Lyman Orchards history.  288 golfers and both 18 hole courses were jammed packed.  Right from the getgo, the staff at Lyman’s were on their game.  Parking cars, club valet, easy registration.  Free pastries and coffee before tee off as well as free range balls.  Everything went off without a hitch. 

The play was longish (51/2 hours)  but it never felt like it.  The foursome I played in did OK, finished third with a 62.  We had a great time out there and it helped my brother played out of his gourd.  While out on the course free dogs and beverages were provided(yet another great wrinkle.)  There were two photographers driving around.  One taking foursome pix and yet another taking candid shots.

After the round, we were ushered into the tent for cocktails, dinner, a tribute to Rob and his family, and a raffle.  Dinner was awesome.  Shrimp, Ribs, chicken, etc.  Again, Lyman Orchards went above and beyond.  The raffle prized were great and wide-ranging.  I ended up coming home with a baby gift pack(funny huh?) and my brother got the Pedroia jersey. 

There were some tearful thank yous and tributes from Rob’s widow and his Mom.  There was a lady who spoke on the benefits of organ donation.  She had actually been the recipient of a heart and it turns out some of Rob’s organs have been used to save some children’s lives this past year(now that’s a legacy!!!!)

It just could not have been a better day.  The best part though, the tourney raised almost $25,000 for his kids education fund.  Just an extraordinary number.  Next years tourney is already in the works for June 7th and I will be there again.

Again huge props to the organizers and Lyman Orchards for a superb day!!!


5 Responses to “An Amazing Day”

  1. joenesgarden Says:

    Kudos to the golfers who participated and the hard workers who organized this event. Helping kids survive the tragic loss of a parent is, indeed, a worthy cause. Recipients of such assistance often go on to help others in much the same way.

  2. This is another reason why golf is far from the elitist sport so many make it out to be.

    More often than not, it’s regular guys and women who play daily fee courses and help raise a ton of dough for great causes like this one.

  3. I wish I knew you were there! My golf lesson started at six, and we were wondering what the big white tent was for. Sorry I missed you. But glad you had a good event!

  4. This link will take you to 344 photos taken that day, by just one of the photographers. For the photographers, no fees were charged for the entire day of shooting. Only the cost associated for printing will be necessary for prints or merchandise orders.

  5. […] Golf Course and this years promises to be just as large.  I wrote two posts last year ( #1 and #2 ) on the […]

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