Damn Bird!!!

For the past few weeks or so, there has been this annoying bird that sings/chirps during the entire night.  From like 11 or so all the way through the early morning hours it makes the loudest freaking noise I have ever heard coming from a winged creature.

The Suspect

The Suspect

What makes it tough is we like to sleep withe the windows open.  Normally the sounds of crickets and peepers from the pond below our house is a calming, soothing sound.  One that relaxes us and puts us to sleep.  Then this god damn bird starts in and doesn’t stop.  Literally he sings for the entire night. 

Finally I had to look it up.  Apparently it is a Northern Mockingbird, also known as a nightingale(ahhh since he is up all freaken night!!!)  The bird shows off his stuff by mocking(get it?) other animals calls.  It can mimic insects, frogs, toads, even car alarms.  What makes it worse, it tends to go non-stop if it doesn’t have a mate. 

So not only do we have a bird that mimics the other birds he hears through the day, he mimics the peepers at night AND he doesn’t have a lady bird to uh, ruffle his feathers, if you get what I am saying.

I need solutions and I need them now.  I could read “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  Hopefully that offers some suggestions.  Maybe I can figure out a way for it to imitate a white noise machine or the sound of waves crashing on a beach.  Or better yet I can look up some sorta bird escort service in hopes the thing gets his beak wet(if you get what I am saying!)

Somethings gotta give though or your favorite morning blogger and his very pregnant wife will be left bird brained!!!


4 Responses to “Damn Bird!!!”

  1. I think the universe is conspiring against us! i was actually asleep and was sleeping pretty well for a change upto the point where the bird wouldnot shut up and then could not fall back asleep for the rest of the morning before my alarm went off. It will probably end up for us that the baby sleeps great, but it will be the animals that continually wake us up!!! Crazy animals!

  2. thats what she said!

  3. I once had that problem with woodpeckers. I will stop there because I don’t want the Audobon Society, PETA, the SPCA, or any other group ripping me a new one.

  4. We are now having the same problem! A couple of nights ago around 12:30,1:00 in the morning we were awakened by what sounded like one bird after another just chirping away. I kept expecting an earthquake or some other natural disaster (they say wildlife picks up on these things before they happen and can go a little crazy). Couldn’t figure out why all these birds were “singing” at night. Then, during the day, we saw the culprit. A mockingbird has taken up residence in one of our trees. I’m now drinking a lot more coffee at the office during the day! Let us know if you ever find that bird escort service!

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