Little bit of this……

It’s like retro day here at the peacock.  In our ever going transition to our brand-spankin’ new digs, there are some sacrifices we are making for the short term to benefit us in the long run.  We have gone back to wired mikes and manual cameras.  This AM was our first day with manned cam’s.  It really was like going back to the future.  For the few like me that are still around from when we actually ran our cameras it was fun, for those of our staff that are just used to pushing a button on our touchscreen to get a shot it was a bit of a shock at first.  We got through it though intact.

I think this Conan Tonight Show thing will be great.  His first two shows were hilarious.  Tom Hanks was very funny and Pearl Jam and Green Day were rockin.   I’m glad we got TIVO to record these.  So what if I’m a day behind, funny is funny.

Got the new Dave Matthews Band album on Tues.  Nope, didn’t buy it off itunes.  I actually went to a music store and bought the CD.  I know, some of you are blown away that they are still sold, but for me there is something about buying a new CD and unwrapping it to listen to it in the car.  Itunes is great, but some things are just work the old way.  By the way, the CD is fantastic.  Not a throw away song on the album(Whoa dated!!!)  and I can’t wait to see them on the Today Show Friday morn(PLUG PLUG PLUG.)

Glad to see Beckett get his ace groove back.  He was goo-ood last night.  Also some guy named Ortiz hit a big double.  If, and it is a big if, he can get his bat going, they will run away and hide, along with the Yanks, in the AL.


2 Responses to “Little bit of this……”

  1. jman1339 Says:

    When will we see a preview of the new building on air or online. Even better, when will we see the news broadcasting from the new building?

    Also, is the name NBC30 going away??

    • We did air a preview a few weeks ago. The timetable is a fluid situation. Just wait though, I saw our anchors in HD the past few days, they looked awesome and so did everything else.

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